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Download Instagram Reels

Although Reels is one of Instagram's most popular features, saving and viewing those videos on your own terms isn't made particularly simple by the programme.

It's simple to preserve an Instagram Reel that you posted using your own account. There isn't a mechanism for Instagram to let you download Instagram Reels that you've spotted on someone else's account, but there are some easy steps you may take to grab such films nevertheless.

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How to Download your personal Instagram Reels

It's simple to save a copy of your own Reel to your phone's photo roll if you've published it on Instagram.

1. Open the Instagram app, then tap the account symbol in the bottom right corner.

2. Depending on what can be seen on your phone, tap the Reels icon or choose View archive. All of your published reels should be visible.

3. Select the desired reel and open it.

4. Click the three dots menu on the screen's right side.

5. Select Save to Camera Roll or Save Video from the pop-up menu.

Record a screen to Download Instagram Reels

The Screen Recording software on your phone can be used to capture the reel you want to preserve since there is no built-in mechanism for saving or downloading reels posted by other Instagram users. Here's how to do that whether you have an iPhone or an Android handset.

Swiping down from the top of the screen to reveal the Control Center or Control Panel will allow you to access the Screen Recorder app, which you may launch. 

1.On Android, you might need to swipe right to activate audio recording before tapping Start, as opposed to the iPhone app, which will begin recording immediately after a brief countdown.

2. Launch the Instagram app and open the reel you want to record while the Screen Recorder app is ticking down to begin recording. You can amend it later, so don't rush. Play the reel all the way through.

3. To stop recording, swipe down from the top.

4. Tap Edit after launching the recording.

5. To remove the footage at the beginning and finish of the recording that you don't want to see, use the timeline control at the bottom of the screen.

6. Save your completed video after you are happy with the edit. On an iPhone, select Save Video after tapping Done. Simply tap Save copy on Android.

How to get an unofficial programme to download Instagram Reels

You can download and store reels directly to your phone using a third-party app without capturing the screen. However, not all apps are created equally, and some annoy you with requests for in-app purchases and subscriptions or subject you to a lot of in-app advertisements.

 In light of this, we have discovered a few apps for both iOS and Android that are dependable and cost nothing.

Using iPhone

1. Download InstantSave from the App Store to your iPhone.

2. Open the InstantSave application.

3. Click "Open Instagram" and, if necessary, log into your Instagram account.

Locate the reel you wish to download in step 4.

5. In the popup menu, select Copy link from the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Return to the InstantSave application. You might have to view a commercial. When it's finished, if necessary, close the advertisement to reveal the reel. To save it to your phone, tap Save.

Using Android

1. Download Video Downloader For Instagram from the Google Play store on your Android device.

2. Open the Video Downloader For Instagram application, then tap the Instagram icon under Top Apps. If necessary, sign into your Instagram account.

3. Locate the reel you want to save after the Instagram app has launched, then tap the Download icon in the bottom right corner.

4. Click Download in the pop-up box.

Without an app, you may download Instagram clips online.

You can utilise online websites to download any Instagram reel if you don't want to use an app. You can use several different websites. We have listed a handful along with how to use them below.


Another fantastic website for downloading Instagram Reels videos to your computer or mobile device is Instadp. You may simply paste the URL on the website, and your video will immediately download.

This website is probably safe to use, unlike others where they might be questionable. The identical procedure can be used on the website to download Instagram Stories. Simply copy the Instagram Story link and put it on the website to get started. Users must take the following actions:

  • Navigate to the Instagram app and select the Reels tab.
  • Find the reel you wish to download by searching. To copy the Instagram Reel URL, click the three-dot button there.
  • Then enter the link in the URL box on the Instadp website. Just underneath it, click the download button.
  • The Reel will be displayed on the website, and a Download button will be placed just next to it. To download the Instagram Reels video, click on it.

The finest Instagram Reels video downloader with a clear and simple user interface may be sought for by many users. The solution to this is, an all-in-one Instagram downloader with few advertising, a spick-and-span interface, and other features.

Both the desktop and mobile versions of the website are optimised. Above all, the website may be added to the home screens of both PC and mobile devices to make it simple to access the tool. In order to download videos from Instagram Reels, users can follow these instructions

  • To copy the link to the Reels video you want to download, go to the Reels section of the Instagram app.
  • Paste the Reels video URL that you copied on the Instagram app into
  • The Download button is immediately adjacent to it; click on it.
  • The Reels movie will be downloaded immediately and saved in the gallery section of your mobile device.

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