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Tame Minecraft Ocelots

The world of Minecraft is populated by a wide variety of cute creatures, including as cats, lambs, ocelots, and turtles. These species will only show up in specific overworld biomes as a homage to the fact that they actually exist.

There is no hiding the fact that ocelots are among the most fascinating animals found in Minecraft.

These are the creatures with no allegiance who could potentially help you if you earned their confidence. They first appeared in the game in its version 1.2 iteration. Before that time, ocelots exhibited behaviours similar to those of house cats and were notoriously difficult to approach and domesticate.

As a result of the recent rule changes, making friends with these enormous cats in Ocelot is now a lot less challenging.

In the modern version of Minecraft, ocelots will frequently rest on pieces of furniture like as beds, stoves, and chests. We have increased the likelihood that they will spawn, making it easier for you to come across them.

In this section, we will walk you through the steps involved in taming ocelots in Minecraft. Okay, so let's begin!

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This is the definitive guide on how to tame ocelots in Minecraft

Taming an ocelot in Minecraft is just as easy as it is to tame any other animal in the game. If you offer raw salmon or cod to the ocelot, there is a one-third chance that it will begin to trust you. 

Taming an ocelot is a much more challenging task than taming a wolf or any other type of pack animal.The first and most critical task is to earn the confidence of the ocelots.

There Is a Greater Chance of Spotting an Ocelot

It is possible to quickly acquire an ocelot's confidence by feeding it fish like salmon or cod, but the true problem is getting near enough to touch it.

Ocelots are able to escape being captured by players and other monsters due to the secretive nature of the animal. When they spot you, they will typically run away. 

On the other hand, there have been reports of ocelots approaching players who were carrying uncooked codfish or salmon. If you get close enough, your offering of food is fair game for consumption.

Minecraft Ocelots
Because ocelots are easily frightened, it is essential to maintain your composure when providing them with food. The ocelot will bolt at the slightest sign of movement, even if it's just you moving your head, so try to be as still as possible. If you remove the fish that is now in the ocelot's mouth, it will flee for a short period of time.

When we were talking about ocelots earlier, we mentioned that if you give them seafood like salmon or cod, there is a one-third chance that they will trust you. You should have at least two or three raw fish options available, such as salmon or cod, in order to win the ocelot's trust and earn its cooperation.

Just So You Know, Ocelots Are Able to Despawn!

When you have gained an ocelot's trust, it is imperative that you do not lose sight of the fact that they may vanish at any time. The same rules apply as when dealing with aggressive mobs: if you avoid them for an extended period of time, they will disappear from the world.

In this particular situation, it is really necessary to keep a close eye on your ocelot at all times in order to maintain control.

(Finding Ocelots) You can only find an ocelot in the forest because of the high levels of humidity there. It is most likely that they will not approach you in tight spaces, so the best place to look for them is in expansive open spaces. In Creative mode, the Ocelot Spawn Egg can be utilised to spawn an unlimited number of ocelots.

Strategies For Bringing Ocelots Into Captivity

Raw fish, specifically salmon and cod, are the only foods that an ocelot will eat. Ocelots are carnivores. To maintain their level of attention, you will require at the very least twenty raw fish. The construction of a fishing pole and subsequent visit to a body of water, such as a lake, pond, or river, are both necessary steps in the process of catching fish.

The Value of Ocelots and the Skills They Possess

Even if you provide your domesticated ocelot with food, you shouldn't expect it to follow you around the home like a house cat would. If they did not have any leadership to guide them, they would most likely just walk around aimlessly. 

Keep raw fish close at hand by holding them in the palm of your hand. It is possible that travelling through areas that are densely populated with Creepers will be less difficult if you have an ocelot with you, as certain monsters will run away from them.

Minecraft Ocelots

Despite All of My Best Efforts, I Have Not Been Able to Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft Yet

Ocelots can no longer be tamed in Minecraft because this feature was removed. On the other hand, you might win their trust if you give them a sufficient amount of raw salmon or cod.

Creepers: Does the Thought of Ocelots Give Them the Willies?

Creepers do, in fact, have a healthy respect and even a healthy dread for ocelots and cats. You wouldn't have to worry about being followed by creepers for at least six blocks in either direction if you went walking about at night in such areas because they are completely safe.

Is There Any Chance That Minecraft Pandas Could Be Trained As Pets?

Pandas, unlike most other Minecraft monsters, cannot be tamed or kept as pets. They have a sombre demeanour and have a preference for living in bamboo forests over other biomes. Pandas are often shy and might become irritated if they feel their space being invaded.

This is the final step in our tutorial on how to tame an ocelot in Minecraft. We ask that you utilise the comment box to bring up any concerns or issues that you may be experiencing, and we will answer as quickly as we can.

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