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 The Canadian sitcom Letterkenny appears to have received orders for up to 11 seasons, making it an unexpected blockbuster. Along with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Modern Family, and other programmes, it has one of the longest runs of any sitcom in recent memory.

The show has developed into a full-fledged ordered TV series from its humble beginnings as a YouTube sketch with its producers goofing about and exchanging amusing one-liners. The 6-7 30-minute episodes that make up the season make the programme entertaining to binge-watch.

It's only a matter of time since the 10th and 11th seasons were both released simultaneously and were also both being filmed. The 5,000 inhabitants of the tiny town of Letterkenny may come back, bringing with them their problems.

Now that we know some information regarding the new season, let's look at it.

Speculated Letterkenny Season 11 Release Date

Fortunately, the tenth and eleventh seasons are now filming concurrently, so we are informed of the upcoming release of the new season.

We received the tenth season on December 26, 2021. On March 8, 2021, three days later, we got a Letterkenny special.

We can anticipate the release of Letterkenny Season 11 sometime in the summer of 2022 due to the show’s lightheartedness. However, given that the tenth season just ended, we shouldn’t hold our breath and instead wait for them to reveal the eleventh season.

Letterkenny Season 11

Cast of Letterkenny season 11

It's predicted that most of the cast from the tenth season will return, along with a few new faces. Below is a list of the whole cast and crew: -

  • Wayne will be portrayed by Jared Keeso.
  • Reilly as played by Dylan Playfair.
  • Daryl is Nathan Dales.
  • Jonesy will be played by London native Andrew Herr.
  • As Katy, Michelle Mylett performs.
  • K. As Squirrelly Dan, Trevor Wilson will demonstrate his acting prowess.
  • Stewart will be portrayed by Canadian actor Tyler Johnston.

A few minor characters from Letterkenny who are crucial are as follows:

  • Alexander de Jordy
  • Kaniehtiio Horn
  • Jacob Tierney
  • Evan Stern
  • Dan Petronijevic
  • Melanie Scrofano
  • Lisa Codrington

Expected Storyline for Letterkenny Season 11

This programme is about the 5,000 residents of the incredibly small town of Letterkenny and the problems they encounter every day, as was previously mentioned.

With one group of people getting drunk, another group going about their daily lives, and a third group socialising with some hockey players, it will start just after the completion of the tenth season.

During Season 11, they would face off against "foreigners," or individuals from outside of their community, and a rivalry between the two of them would start to take shape.

Watching the English and French Canadians compete against one another would be really entertaining.

We might also see some romantic embers bursting between various couples in this little community. It will be interesting to see how they cover all of these distinct narratives in such a condensed period of time, though, given that it would only have six to seven episodes.

Production in Letterkenny:

The television show is filmed in the Ontario city of Sudbury. Letterkenny, Crave's first original series, debuted on February 7, 2016, and has since been broadcast.

The same-named television programme was inspired by the web series Letterkenny Problems, which Keeso made and uploaded to YouTube in 2013. Keeso and Dales regularly traded humorous one-liners while standing in different locations in the first Letterkenny Problems episode.

At the 2014 2nd Canadian Screen Awards, Letterkenny Problems was nominated for Best Original Fiction Program or Series Created for Digital Media. The awards presentation happened in 2014.

The fictional town of Letterkenny from the television show is not based on the actual town in Renfrew County with the same name.

Michael Dowse and Tierney have also contributed to the series' conception. Along with Michelle Mylett, Dylan Playfair, Andrew Herr, Tyler Johnston, Lisa Codrington, Alexander De Jorty, Kaniehti Horn, and K. Trevor Wilson, Tierney co-stars in the show as Pastor Glen.

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